Is WebriQ GLUE for YOU

We have built hundreds of sites on Content Management Systems like WordPress, generically called monolithic Content Management Systems (CMS), and we had done so for many years, up until we stopped.

One of our customers, Blinds Wholesale, is on our legacy platform (similar to WordPress) for many years now. And although the site really looks professional, is fully secured, has a shopping cart and many returning visitors and customers - it basically lacks the performance it should have, especially on mobile devices.

Websites, and web apps should only contain features that are beneficial to the business and to your customers. Any other unneeded functionality tacked on will just be a waste of time and will detract from an effective and customer-centric designed websites.

WebriQ GLUE is a basic single file or single page application approach, that will be impressively fast to load, will scale easily, will be completely secured and unhackable, and will work on slow mobile networks and offline if needed.

WebriQ GLUE is no longer a monolithic, one-CMS-fit-for-all approach. We are now using the best-in-class technologies and gluing them together as a single page or single page application rendered by a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and we are no longer using a single web server.

Feel the pain of scaling and securing your Web Publishing tools, and feel the need to publish your content beyond a website, then WebriQ GLUE is for you.

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