Digital Experiences
as a Service

The answer to how people browse, shop and connect with your business



On an open-source platform leveraging modern technologies such as React and GraphQL. All blazing fast, secure, and scalable from the get-go. And on a budget!



Built on the same open-source platform and leveraging the same technologies, it allows you to create content-first and personalized experiences shoppers demand.



Pre-trained with content from your specific industry, the Bot can understand your historical logs, search in your knowledge base, or direct to human representatives.


Structured Content

Content modules can be customized, reused, personalized and displayed in different formats on your website, on native apps, digital signage, and wearables.


Serverless Applications

Webforms, payment forms, gated and premium content, memberships, and paywalls are all served through our serverless applications with AWS.

The Old Way

  • Fixed Templates
  • Endless expensive mockups
  • Build and disappear
  • Non-transparent invoices
  • Drop a support ticket, see what happens
  • Complicated devops
  • Complicated plugin system

The New Way

  • Purpose based design
  • Component based design with content
  • Analyze and improve continuously
  • Simple and predictable monthly pricing
  • Chat and speak to humans
  • No devops and serverless
  • No plugins, only API’s

Our Building Blocks

Fully managed digital platform in the cloud

Software platform to manage, deliver and optimize experiences consistently across every digital touchpoint

Headless content management with Structured Content

Headless eCommerce

API’s that can deliver content to any required channel, including wearables and digital signage

Operations, deployment, back-ups, upgrades, scaling, and security is left to WebriQ


WebriQ GLUE has a unit price of $1,000

  • No upfront fees
  • Scale up or down your units
  • Cancel at any moment